PC Clean

PC Cleanup

PC running slow? Viruses? Spyware? Strange tool bars? Junky programs at startup? Kids trashed your computer?

Have your PC professionally cleaned!

What you get…

  1. Inspect the PC. Evaluate Your PC Hardware (Is it worth fixing this PC? If not, no charge.)

  2. Open the case and blow the dust out with compressed air.

  3. Boot your PC and connect it to the internet (Network Interface Connection required).

  4. Check your memory. How much do you have? Are there slot available to add more? Sometimes the addition for $50 worth of memory can double or triple an older PC’s performance.

  5. Check your hard drive. How big is it? What is the remaining free space? Is it in good working order?

  6. Evaluate your anti-virus software. Is it effective? Is it up to date? We recommend one of three AV packages: McAfee Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, or AVG Free. If you have no AV software or the subscription has run out, AVG Free will be installed (software is free for personal use!)

  7. Scan for viruses

  8. Evaluate your anti-spyware software. If you are running Windows XP, the Microsoft Windows Defender will be installed. Like antivirus software, Defender will constantly check for spyware. It is free to licensed XP computers.

  9. We also recommend Spybot S&D and Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE. However, these only work if they are updated and scanned periodically. If your PC is loaded with spyware, these programs will be loaded. These programs are free for personal use.

  10. We will scan and clean spyware.

  11. Check and remove unnecessary startup programs. Too many programs can bog down the startup process. Many of the unnecessary startup programs are added by spyware and adware programs.

  12. Remove temporary and cache files Most programs are great at creating temporary or cache files. Very few programs are good at removing old temporary or cache files. CClean can remove hundreds of ancient junk files.

  13. Use a high speed internet connection to download and install all Microsoft OS patches and service packs.

  14. A written report of all work and results


The process normally takes 1-2 evenings. Your PC will run like new again!

Bring it to me, the PC cleaning is a fixed $50. I come to you, $50/hour. Evenings only.

Felton, DE
(302)242-9316 – ask for Charles

If you are nowhere near Felton, DE and have a high speed internet connection, it is possible for me to clean your PC via Windows XP’s Remote Assistance utility